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Hillary '24 Looking Likely as Clinton Releases New Anti-Trump Merchandise

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The speculation over the Democratic Party’s plans for 2024 continues to take strange and unnerving turns in recent weeks, and the latest from the left side of the aisle has quite a few liberals growing very, very concerned.

That’s because, at every step, it appears more and more likely that Hillary Clinton is positioning herself for another run at the White House.  For many Democrats, there are fears that this could not only wreak havoc on whatever chances they think they had of keeping the White House in 2024, but it could also be the sort of campaign that finally kicks the party’s inevitable civil war into full swing.

The latest clue that a Clinton catastrophe could be on the horizon comes to us in the form of a new piece of merchandise being sold by the former First Lady – a hat that takes direct aim at presumptive 2024 GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The recent reports that Donald Trump“never stopped ripping” up documents while he was president, flushed some down the toilet, and absconded with at least 15 boxes of White House papers (including pages marked as classified) when he left office, made Hillary Clinton tip her new, hilarious hat while trolling her old rival.

Clinton highlighted the latest merchandise being offered by her nonprofit Onward Together — a cap sporting the phrase “But Her Emails” — in an Instagram post and tweet on Friday.

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They’re described as “black unstructured dad hats” that are union-made in America.

The cringe-inducing photoshopped image of the hat on a nearly-ancient photo of Clinton was soon making the rounds on social media.

A recently revealed speaking engagement first kicked off the Clinton ’24 rumor mill, and creating this piece of anti-Trump merchandise seems to only fuel the gossip mongers even more.


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