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Historic First: Russian Pilot's Helmetcam Captures One of the Most Intense Moments in Modern Warfare

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Incredible helmet camera footage showed the moment the pilot of a Russian attack aircraft is forced to eject from his doomed Su-25 jet.

A pilot activated his ejection mechanism in the footage, moments before his jet crashes in a field in a fiery explosion. The pilot drifted to Earth.

The video began circulating on Twitter and military-oriented Telegram channels earlier this month, but it’s not entirely clear when the pilot crashed, according to War Is Boring.

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An intelligence analyst on Twitter identified the cause of the crash as a Ukrainian surface-to-air missile, but the location of the video suggested otherwise.

Another Twitter user geolocated the field in which the plane crashed — in Belgorod Oblast, Russia, rather than Ukraine.

Belgorod is north of the Ukrainian border and has been a staging point for Russian invasion forces.

The sleuth suggested that the plane crashed as a result of a collision with power lines.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a Russian military aircraft crashed as a result of an avoidable error.

A Russian fighter-bomber jet crashed into a populated apartment building in another border region with Ukraine just earlier this month.

The pilot was seen ejecting in this incident, and locals filmed themselves interviewing the downed aviator on a city street.

The tactical circumstances of the war in Ukraine have led military experts to reconsider the future of armed conflicts.

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The war, held between two heavily-armed conventional powers, differs considerably from asymmetric conflicts between western governments and Islamist militants.

In a conflict without air superiority, timeless weapons such as artillery and new military technology such as drones have proven capable of changing the outcome of battles.

The widescale use of man-portable anti-aircraft weapons has forced military aircraft on both sides to take protective cautions, such as flying low enough to the ground to evade surface-to-air missiles.

This strategy has its own risks, perhaps as seen in the footage of a Russian pilot documenting his own ejection.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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