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Hollywood A-Lister Signs on For Documentary on Political Censorship in America

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One of the most frightening repercussions of the liberal left’s mass radicalization has been the effort being undertaken to undermine our right to free speech in America.

Of course, this is the premiere right that we were granted during the founding of this great nation.  It protects our ability to spread the truth about coming and current tyranny, and it allows us to do so with the power of the free press.  Now, in this new, instant world of Twitter and Facebook, this precious right has become a powerful tool for mankind as a whole.

Unfortunately for Americans, the liberal left has been attempting to subvert this right to free speech on the basis of political “danger”.  They’ve done so through the blatant censorship of right wing news and information via the internet, radio, and television.  The extreme bias has left the mutations of the democratic base unchecked, providing us with men like James T. Hodgkinson.

Luckily, there is at least one Hollywood A-lister who hasn’t been corrupted by the Social Justice Junket, and is speaking out against this undue censorship.

Dennis Quaid is set to sing in a new docudrama about freedom of speech and political censorship.

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The 64-year-old actor, who released his first-ever studio album with his band The Sharkslast month, will lend his rock song “Out of the Box” to the upcoming film “No Safe Spaces,” according to the New York Post.

Per the outlet, the “Parent Trap” alum said he wanted to provide the tune to the film — created by comedian Adam Carolla and radio talk show host Dennis Prager — because Americans have gotten closed off to different points of view.

“It’s not just Hollywood. Our whole culture has become intolerant,” Quaid told The Post.

The “Fortitude” actor went on to explain that the song highlights “being open to other points of view and not mindlessly giving yourself over to an “ism.”

Quaid is certainly in the minority in Hollywood, as several of his colleagues have called for overt censorship of the President himself, hoping to prod Twitter into suspending the Commander in Chief’s account.

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