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Hollywood Tries to Boot Trump From Twitter Over Iran Tweet, Internet Responds in Epic Fashion

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President Trump is an expert at trolling and annoying the radical left, especially those who are in Hollywood and members of the mainstream media. All it takes is a few typed characters on Twitter and bam! They’re off in a feeding frenzy.

The recent tizzy liberal Hollywood is having over Trump is due to an all caps tweet he posted about Iran, which immediately resulted in a flood of posts from actors and the such wanting the president permanently removed from Twitter.

Well, the Internet has responded to the shenanigans and it’s epic. Check this out.

President Trump’s ALL CAPS Iran tweet has been met with #resistance online, with reporters, left-wing activists and celebrities sounding the alarm over what they fear is the president’s incitement of the “mother of all wars.” Some have taken it upon themselves to prevent future warmongering tweets by reporting the President of the United States to Twitter.

In response to the dictatorial Iranian regime warning the U.S. that while peace with Iran is the “mother of all peace,” war with Iran will be “the mother of all wars,” Trump took to Twitter Sunday night to issue the all-caps tweet heard ’round the world:

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Fortunately not everyone on planet earth has lost their minds:

Wild New Meteor 'Storm' Could Hit Earth Monday Night

See, the reason so many Hollywood elites are tore up over this is because they haven’t seen what tough leadership looks like in eons. We’ve had the pushover Obama for eight years who practically bowed the knee down to radical Islam and allowed terrorists and the nations who support them to do whatever they wanted for almost a decade.

Those days are over. Now, these folks are getting exactly the kind of treatment they deserve. If they want to have peaceful talks, perhaps they should drop all of the “death to America” garbage? Funny how Iranians spread that crap all over Twitter and these same folks say absolutely nothing about it. It’s hypocrisy in the highest form.

Source: Daily Wire

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