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Homeless Man Accused of Ruining Paul Revere's Tombstone During 'One-Man Crime Spree'

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A 46-year-old homeless man was arrested in Boston after an alleged vandalism rampage that included damage to the tombstone of American patriot Paul Revere.

The rampage began late Saturday night and continued into Sunday before Lawrence Hawkins was arrested, according to Boston police.

During a Monday arraignment, Assistant Suffolk County District Attorney Samuel Jones called the damage, which included vandalism at Boston’s Holocaust Memorial, a “one-man crime spree in downtown Boston,” according to WBTS-CD.

The outlet reported, “He was charged with vandalism, malicious destruction of property and injuring a religious building.”

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As Jones outlined the case during the hearing, Hawkins shouted profanities, according to the Boston Globe. After several outbursts, Hawkins was removed from the courtroom.

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Jones said Hawkins had an extensive criminal record and was housed for a time at the state psychiatric prison, Bridgewater State Hospital.

Robert Glotzer, Hawkins’s court-appointed attorney, said his client suffers from “serious mental illness.”

According to WBTS, Hawkins is being held for a mental health evaluation and on $22,500 bail for three charges related to damage on private property. Separate charges are expected to be filed in connection with damage on federal property.

Boston police said the vandalism for which Hawkins is a suspect included a smashed windshield on a Boston police car.

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After multiple instances of vandalism, police said video showed the suspect in those cases entering a homeless shelter. Police entered the shelter at about 4:30 a.m. Sunday and arrested Hawkins.

It was not until after Hawkins was in custody that police were called to the Granary Burying Ground.

Paul Revere’s. tombstone and 13 other markers had been vandalized “by being pulled from the ground or broken into pieces,” police said in a statement.

Police then examined the nearby King’s Chapel Burying Ground, where six tombstones were damaged. Police said one tombstone had been pulled out of the ground.

The National Park Service was notified of the vandalism to the cemeteries.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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