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Hospital Staff Sings Special Song for Little Boy After 2-Year Battle with Leukemia

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Few diagnoses fill people with as much emotional baggage and dread as the word “cancer.” And when it’s parents who get hit with the news regarding their child, it can be even more devastating.

Plenty of organizations and groups have been formed to support patients and their families every step of the way, with some of the wish-granting organizations taking center stage.

Little Wishes, based in California, was started by two pediatric nurses who wanted to do something for seriously ill children. While many groups give terminally ill kids a shot at their biggest dreams, Little Wishes fulfills just that — littler, more frequent wishes.

“Little Wishes brings love, light and happiness to children being treated at partnering hospitals across the United States,” the group’s Facebook page states.

“What makes the Little Wishes™ program unique (and why they keep the wishes little) is that a qualified child may make another request 14 days after receiving their first little wish, and every 14 days thereafter.

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These wishes provide a welcome distraction, brighten long days and are a tangible expression of community compassion, love and support.”

One of its recipients is named Henry. Henry was diagnosed with leukemia at just 3 years old, and in June 2020 he received his first little wish while undergoing chemo.

“Three-year-old Henry is a fan of the Mario Brothers,” Little Wishes posted on Facebook.

“Thanks to Little Wishes, he now runs into the hospital for chemo treatments knowing his wishes are waiting for him. He says the Little Wishes wand gives him ‘star power’ to become Mario as he zooms around the room.”

It was a time of pain and uncertainty, but the little wishes waiting for Henry certainly brightened his days.

But the best gift — and no small one — came in May of this year, when Henry and his family got to celebrate his return to health.

After 42 rounds of chemo, 23 blood transfusions and a total of 865 days fighting cancer, Henry got to celebrate being cancer-free as staff sang him a celebratory song and he rang the bell.

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“We are so happy for you henRY and so proud to be by your side throughout your treatment,” Little Wishes posted. “Check out henRY’s viral vid It will make your day!”

Henry’s mom is visibly in tears as the group sings “No more chemo for you” to the tune of “Happy Birthday.” Golden confetti, cheering and a bell ring complete the beautiful celebration — something this family will remember for a long time to come.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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