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House Democrat Breaks Down In Tears, Apologizes to AOC for His White Privilege (Watch)

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You have to be pretty screwed in the head to believe “white privilege” is real. If anything – anything – white people are being held back in order to boost up minorities.

People like this House Democrat do nothing for the country except make her weaker.

Congress needs leaders, not beta male, anti-American liars.

From The Hill:

Addressing the House, Phillips recounted the events of Jan. 6, recalling that lawmakers had looked for objects to defend themselves when the Capitol was breached and realized “a pencil is about all we had.”

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“But I’m not here this evening to seek sympathy or just to tell my story [but] rather to make a public apology,” said Phillips. “For recognizing that we were sitting ducks in this room as the chamber was about to be breached. I screamed to my colleagues to follow me, to follow me across the aisle to the Republican side of the chamber, so that we could blend in — so that we could blend in.”


Minnesota, WTH are you doing!? Ilhan Omar, this guy, Al Franken, Jesse Ventura.

Get it together.

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