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House Minority Leader Denigrates the Working Class While Dissing the President's Accomplishments

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If I had to take a wild guess, I would imagine that the democratic left is convinced that the American people are inherently different and inferior  to them.

Otherwise, how can you explain the fact that the liberal left are the party of entitlements?  Why would they believe that the ruling class should manage the tax revenue of the working class?  Isn’t that precisely why wealthy women such as Nancy Pelosi even commit to public service?  To be in charge?

But, thanks to one of the universes’s most effective marketing campaigns of all time, the democrats in America enjoy a peculiar nonchalance from the masses…particularly the young.  The naïveté of “America’s future” has them blind to the reality of their path.  They are propped up by hope and change; concepts defined by vocabulary that denotes constant change.  Or, a.k.a., progressivism.  

So, when I hear the left pull their “bring me your huddled masses” routine, my eyes roll hard enough to make my optometrist gasp.

Even worse:  The left has a habit of throwing We The People under the bus in order to denigrate our Citizen President.

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Such is the case, once again, within the orbit of likely-senile shrew Nancy Pelosi.

The May unemployment rate was a stunningly low 3.8 percent, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Black unemployment is the lowest ever: 5.9 percent, the Washington Examiner reports.

But instead of celebrating the incredible economic activity, the House Speaker wannabe shrugged.

“May’s jobs report shows that strong employment numbers mean little to the families hit with soaring new costs under the Republicans’ watch,” the House Minority Leader said in a statement.

Thank you, Nancy, for telling me what sort of impact the President’s policies have had on my  life.

You have to remember that this is simply the nature of the progressivism game.  There can be no end.  No goal.  No winner.  You must continue to progress and innovate until the end of your days, and then pass that torch on to the next generation of precious and precocious snowflakes.  Progressivism is a flat circle.

[I hope y’all get this joke.]

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So, while Nancy Pelosi stumbles through whatever is left of her political “career”, we must remember to take everything that crawls out of her mouth with a heaping dollop of salt.  And then some.



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