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House Oversight Member Says Biden Committed 'Serious' 'Crime'

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As much as the Democrats would like to portray Joe Biden as a grandfather-ly, benevolent political figure, they can’t seem to escape the simple fact of the matter:  Biden and his family have been in politics for decades, and their hands are just as dirty as anyone else’s…if not more so.

We heard a great deal about this in the run-up to 2020’s tumultuous election, with alternative media sources writing extensively about the “Biden Crime Family”, as they liked to call them.

Then came the “laptop from Hell”, and all of the sordid international revelations that came along with it.

Now, at least one member of a powerful House committee is ready to get to the bottom of these allegations, despite a near-blackout of the issue in the mainstream media.

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., argued Monday that the president’s brother, James Biden, and son Hunter, were involved in criminal activity while he was vice president. Comer told “Mornings with Maria” Monday that Biden family members were likely “influence peddling” to help Chinese and Ukraine energy companies get a “foothold” on American energy.

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REP. JAMES COMER: We do know that prior to Joe Biden becoming president any member of Congress had access to suspicious activity reports. One first rule change Joe Biden made when the president was changed to that rule, so Republicans have been blocked from getting the answers as to what triggered those 150 suspicious activity reports. Remember that’s the banks, and there was more than one bank, that notified the federal government that we believe our client has committed a crime. Now he [Hunter Biden] had 150 of these from at least four different banks, and yet we haven’t seen been able to determine the extent of what exactly triggered suspicious activity reports. We’re going to request these again from treasury after the November elections. We are going to expect to have these on day one in January.

And that wasn’t all:

If we don’t get them we will use subpoena power to get them. We will also invite the bank CEOs to come in, and hopefully won’t have to subpoena them for that but going to get those suspicious activity reports, and we will be able to answer those questions as to Hunter Biden and Jim Biden’s personal banks notified federal government that their clients, who they knew at the time were the son and brother of the sitting vice president of the United States. We are confident they committed a crime, so this is very serious.

Many within the GOP have already suggested that a number of investigations into President Biden and his family business dealings could be instigated should they win back a majority in the House and/or the Senate in the 2022 midterms.


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