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House Rep. 'Smells a Rat' After Secret Service Recovers Single J6 Text

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The select committee investigating the events of January 6th, 2021 has found itself in a bit of a quandary, as their probe continues to fail to move the American political needle in any significant way.

This is partially do to their partisan politicking, with many Republicans having already exposed the investigation as little more than a fishing expedition aimed at gathering ammunition for Democrats to use in the coming elections.

The other issue is that many see the committee’s work as a rehashing of the second Trump impeachment trial, (in which then-President Trump was acquitted), and therefore have already written off any contrary conclusion as simply manifesting a 1-1 tie of sorts between the parties.

And so, in an effort to distinguish themselves from that affair, the committee has employed as much Hollywood-style drama as they can, moving their hearings to primetime on occasion, and hiring a former ABC television executive to produce at least one of these shows.

Now, in yet another turn toward the tawdry, committee member Jamie Raskin is using some gangster lingo straight from Goodfellas or The Sopranos in an attempt to engage the American people.

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A subpoena for Secret Service text messages issued by the House committee investigating the Capitol attack has yielded precisely one transmission. The communication turned over was a request for help sent Jan. 6 by Steven Sund, a Capitol police officer at the time. “That’s all that we have,” said Rep. Stephanie Murphy, the Hill reports. The agency had told the committee it no longer has the Jan. 5-6 texts it requested. A spokesman assured the committee members that the Secret Service isn’t “holding out” on them. Another committee member, Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin, said Wednesday that he finds the agency’s story hard to believe.

This is where things get hyperbolic, (and a little bit corny, to boot).

“I smell a rat,” Raskin said. “That seems like an awfully strange coincidence for those text messages to be banished into oblivion on two days where there was also the most violent insurrection against the union in our history, after the Civil War.” Assistant Director Ronald Rowe wrote to the committee that the agency is still looking for texts, per CNN.

If the American people continue to shrug off the committee’s alleged bombshells, perhaps they can get Steven Spielberg to help produce the next set of hearings.

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