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House Republicans Launch Campus Free Speech Caucus to Fight 'Vitriol from Liberal Left on College Campuses'

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Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan and Florida Republican Rep. Kat Cammack announced the launch of the Congressional Campus Free Speech Caucus on Monday to protect free speech rights on America’s college campuses.

The two GOP House leaders made the announcement on “Fox & Friends.” Young America’s Foundation, a conservative group, also posted the information in a tweet on Monday morning.

“Let’s be honest, our college campuses these days, these aren’t higher-education institutions, these are indoctrination camps,” Cammack said during the interview with Steve Doocy.

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“We have students across the country that are being attacked, they are being vilified. It is absolutely ludicrous that we as taxpayers [fund] this type of behavior,” she added.

“It wasn’t too long ago that I found myself as an undergraduate student being attacked by my Latin American politics professor, telling me that all white Republican men are the source of world conflict,” Cammack said. “I myself have experienced the harassment, the vitriol from the liberal left on college campuses and now we have students across the country that are being attacked.”

“It’s happening everywhere,” Jordan added. “Your First Amendment liberties over the last several years, every single right we have under the First Amendment has been assaulted.”

“It’s most drastic on college campuses, as Kat points out. And that’s why we’re forming this caucus to push back and stand up for the Bill of Rights, for the Constitution and most importantly, for your free speech rights under the First Amendment,” he said.

The Young America’s Foundation media release said, “The group will aim to educate other legislators about the clear bias against free speech on campuses and help bring national and local awareness to what is occurring in their districts and across the country daily.

“Jordan and Cammack will meet with YAF leadership and students monthly to learn about the latest attacks on free speech to share with fellow members of Congress,” it added.

“Free speech is guaranteed in our Constitution. It should be revered on our college campuses. Sadly, this is where it’s most at risk,” Young America’s Foundation President Governor Scott Walker said in the release.

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“The Campus Free Speech Caucus will help us fight back and ensure all voices can be heard on campus!”

In a tweet supporting the effort’s launch, Walker said, “Good news in our fight for free speech on campuses across America! Thanks @RepKatCammack and @Jim_Jordan for your leadership!”

Young America’s Foundation said it “has been at the forefront of the campus free speech battle for decades, routinely fighting for students’ rights in the classroom, media, and the courts.”

It called the caucus “an important next step in ensuring America’s leaders understand the fight at hand,” according to the release.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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