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Houston Weather Warning: Beware of Raining Bats

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Throughout much of the country, Christmas arrived on the heels of some major weather events from coast to coast.  Temperatures were plunging, snow was falling, and blizzard-like conditions did some heavy damage to cities such as Buffalo, New York.

But perhaps the weirdest weather phenomenon that we saw over the weekend came to us from the Lone Star State where Houston residents were warned about the potential for bats to rain down from the sky.

Freezing temperatures in Texas are having a devastating impact on the city’s wildlife, including its largest bat colony.

The Mexican free-tailed bats, live in the crevices of Houston’s Waugh Bridge, but the cold temperatures have caused them to go into hypothermic shock, causing them to fall onto the pavement below.

To save them, Mary Warwick, the Wildlife Director of the Houston Humane Society, has been going down to the bridge with a flashlight and collection box to rescue the cold-stunned bats.

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She then brings them back to be rehabilitated and placed them next to a heat source to raise their body temperature.

Warwick was dealing with a glut of the cold-stunned creatures.

‘After that, we give them fluids under their skin to hydrate them,’ she explained to ABC 13. ‘Then, several hours after that, we can start offering them food.’

Warwick, city’s only bat rehabilitator plans to go keep going back to bridge until the freeze ends.

Warwick has now placed foam on the ground for the bats to have a soft landing and took almost 200 home on Friday to care for them.

Floridians will recognize this sort of issue well, as they are prone to dealing with cold-stunned iguanas falling from trees and other perches any time a cold spell sweeps across the Sunshine State.

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