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Hungary Makes BOLD Statement on Soros' Recent Honor

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As the world and the people inhabiting it become infinitely more intelligent through the continued use of social media and the internet, there are some unfortunate truths that we will be forced to face.

One of those truths is that there are men and women on this planet for which greed rules above all emotional and compassionate capacity.  A great many of these cretins consider themselves “globalists”, in favor another “new world order” in which power is consolidated further, making their expensive palm-greasing exploits a bit less burdensome.

George Soros is one of these men, yet he was still honored by Financial Times.

This did not sit well with the government of Hungary, who immediately rebuked the award.

The Hungarian government has hit out at the Financial Times naming George Soros their “Person of the Year”.

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The famous salmon-coloured newspaper, something of a house magazine for the British establishment and financial elite, praised the billionaire currency speculator and convicted insider trader as “the standard bearer of liberal democracy and open society”.

Hungary’s conservative-populist government, which shares a mutual antipathy with the 88-year-old plutocrat on the subject of mass migration — opposed by Budapest, encouraged by Soros — has offered an assessment very much to the contrary, observing: “To the Financial Times, he’s Person of the Year, but to many ordinary citizens, Soros is an enemy of their democracy.”

Soros’ efforts to bolster the doomed American democratic party have made him a persona non grata in conservative circles within the US.

Now, as the internet age rears its head in earnest, the name is becoming synonymous with greed and the new bourgeoisie-class billionaires who trample the honest working people of the planet every day.

This educational freedom via the world wide web will likely only continue to expose the man, hence this sudden mainstream effort to head the public off at the pass.

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