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Hunter Biden Was Banned from Legendary Luxury Hotel Over 'Drug Use': Report

Western Journal



Hunter Biden was banned from staying at the Chateau Marmont hotel — a famed celebrity hangout in Los Angeles — in 2018 for “drug use,” according to messages reported by the Washington Examiner to have come from his abandoned laptop computer.

It appears that while former President Donald Trump’s older sons were running a hotel empire during their dad’s term in office, President Joe Biden’s son was getting himself “blacklisted” from a hotel in California that’s notorious for wild parties and drug overdoses. Which kids will forever take flak as the establishment media takes aim at anyone affiliated with the GOP?

It won’t be Joe Biden’s, as the country’s corrupt corporate media has now had eight months to inquire about the computer Hunter Biden is reported by numerous news agencies to have abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware in 2019.

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In the latest release of emails, he spoke with an employee at the Chateau Marmont — where comic actor John Belushi died from a heroin overdose in 1982 and musician Rick James almost suffered the same fate — and appeared vexed by the fact that he was not allowed to even enter the building without prior approval from upper management.

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Text messages from the laptop were obtained from the hard drive of the computer reportedly abandoned by Hunter Biden and given to the Examiner by Jack Maxey, who is a former co-host of Steve Bannon’s  “War Room” podcast.

The messages allegedly show that the son of the president in 2018 was accused of using drugs in a hotel room and even reportedly damaged the property — a claim Hunter Biden denied in the messages.

“Did you know that I have to get pre-approval from the GM at the Chateau before I am allowed to make a reservation?” Biden said in a 2018 text to an employee at the exclusive hotel. “Seriously I tried to stay there late last night and the A** handing me keys when he read a note in the system that said under no circumstance am I allowed in bldg without her pre approval.”

“WTF man. Seriously WTF,” another message read.

The person appeared to be sympathetic to Hunter Biden’s plight.

“Apparently you were banned for ‘drug use’ is what I was just told, which is bulls***,” the person responded.

Hunter Biden expressed embarrassment over being denied a room in a message change with the person.

“Manager — GM — f*** them. It was so f***ing embarrassing. The two women at the drive were right there and said wtf. Drug use???? You have to be ducking kidding me. I was banned for drug use at the Chateau Marmont. You have to be f***ing kidding me,” the president’s son reportedly said.

“Lol exactly,” the employee shot back.

Hunter Biden then appeared to see a silver lining in the situation, replying: “Well that’s a f***ing first in the Hotels history I guess. Should I take it as a badge of honor. Tell you what?”

“I have never ever been rude or have had a complaint against me from a guest or employee,” he later complained. “I kind of thought I was an employee favorite. And they ban me without telling me directly. I have to find out from the night desk guy.”

At a later date, Biden was sent a text from the employee that read: “Your profile does say BLACKLISTED … there was a hole in the wall of one of the rooms you had.”

“A hole – what does that even mean? And what does that have to do with drugs?” Biden asked. “And why would a joke in the wall not be something I paid to repair. And I’ve never put a f***ing hole in any hotel wall.”

The messages are the latest embarrassment for the Biden family in a year in which the hard drive has offered many.

With the week in Europe that Joe Biden just had, somehow one of his children managed to compete with him for an even worst week.

In messages from the computer released earlier in the week, Hunter Biden reportedly shared his apparent disdain for Asian women, referring to them as “yellow,” in text messages in which his cousin Caroline apparently was seeking to procure him female companionship.

That 2019 text message exchange was reported by the Daily Mail not long before the president went off on a female CNN reporter Wednesday for asking him a valid question at a news briefing in Geneva.

CNN avoided calling out Joe Biden for his treatment of one of its reporters. The network and others have, of course, not gone near the contents of Hunter Biden’s hard drive.

It must be nice being a high-profile Democrat — or the son of one.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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