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Hunter Biden and Wife Spotted Shuffling to Urgent Care Amidst Probe into Shady Business Dealings - Report

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Thanks to the internet, we’ve all seen way too much of first son Hunter Biden. At this point it’s almost difficult to recognize Biden with his clothes on.

Biden has a history of compulsively filming himself as he was going through the lowest points of addiction. Biden produced homemade pornography and videoed himself handling and using drugs. It’s disturbing to see anyone acting so rambling and intoxicated.

When the disturbing footage was released, despite establishment media and Big Tech efforts to censor and suppress it, Biden became something of a weird and scandalous celebrity. Many websites and memes were created from Biden’s embarrassing and explicit selfies.

The world was exposed to Biden’s graphic content after his so-called “laptop from Hell” was reported by the New York Post in 2020. Biden abandoned the laptop at a Delaware computer repair shop.

Curiously, when the laptop was turned into the FBI in December of 2019, they took no initial action on it.

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Recently, Biden has kept a lower profile, largely staying out of the public eye. Biden declared himself an artists, got married, and fathered another child. Makes sense given how fortunate he appears to be that the FBI took no tangible action on his laptop.

With all that being said, Biden re-surfaced on Wednesday. According to the UK Daily Mail, Biden and his wife Melissa Cohen were photographed outside of an Urgent Care in Agoura Hills, California. The shots showed the couple walking across a parking lot.

The candid photos of a routine action and descriptions of the outfits Biden and Cohen wore is the kind of paparazzi-style stalking usually reserved for people from the entertainment industry. Biden’s D-List celebrity status has clearly been bumped up by his notorious reputation and ongoing controversies.

It was not reported why Biden and Cohen were heading to seek medical treatment. With Biden’s history, it’s easy to speculate, but there is no evidence of any addictive behaviors returning. People do just get sick, and going to the limited facilities of an Urgent Care suggests it was nothing serious.

Do you think that Hunter and Melissa were there for themselves?

Over the summer there were reports Biden and his wife were feeling the strain of staying on “lockdown” to avoid scrutiny. Biden has many other reasons to feel stressed as well.

There was more than just sex and drug clips on Biden’s laptop. There was extensive evidence of other criminal activity.

When Biden purchased a handgun in 2018, he lied about his ongoing drug addiction on a federally required Firearm Transaction Record. It is a felony to lie on that form.

The laptop contained frantic messages exchanged after Biden’s sister-in-law turned lover found his gun and threw it into a grocery store trash can. Local police and the FBI got involved in the case.

Even more incriminating was all the documentation of Biden’s financial crimes.

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Hunter Biden cashed in on his father’s status to work shady business deals, many with foreign entities, and even adversaries of the United States. Questionable arrangements were made with companies in Ukraine and communist China.

In October the Washington Post claimed as the result of an FBI investigation, federal prosecutors have enough evidence to charge Hunter Biden with tax crimes and the gun purchase violation. So far, there are no signs of any action being taken. There may only be minor charges filed, or perhaps no charges at all.

The problem is to charge Hunter Biden is to implicate his father Joe Biden as well.

The father and son mixed their business accounts. Hunter Biden worked his deals by leveraging the understanding he was representing his father’s interests. Joe Biden was “The Big Guy” of the schemes.

It’s hard to believe the Department of Justice will take any action against the Biden family. Still, one can hope for justice.

If the FBI and authorities actually do their jobs, Hunter Biden’s next paparazzi event could very well be his perp walk.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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