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ICYMI: 72-Year-Old Man Fined $1,255 for Walking His Dog, Violating the 'Quarantine Act'

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Many leaders have certainly taken “social distancing” measures too far. Sure, they’re trying to keep people safe – but at what cost? Should people be losing their basic rights?

Imagine being fined for taking your dog on a walk. That’s how crazy things have become.

Here’s the deal, via Rebel News:

Earlier this month, Pat McHenry of Sarnia, Ontario took his 4-lb. dog, Molly, into the deserted parking lot of his apartment building so that Molly could relieve herself. The retired carpenter went the extra mile in terms of practicing social distancing by using the building’s empty stairwell (as opposed to the elevator) in order to avoid contact with other tenants.


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But get this: apparently Sarnia’s cops didn’t like the idea that Sam had the temerity to go public with his complaint; the day after I visited Pat, two more cops went to McHenry’s apartment to deliver some “good news” as they called it — namely, the cops told Pat that the $880 ticket he had been issued had been cancelled. And then in the same breath the police told Pat they were instead issuing him a $1,255 ticket for allegedly violating the Quarantine Act!


And here’s more COVID-19 randomness, via Twitter…

America has become more of a police state than ever before.

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Far too many freedoms have been stripped away from many Americans, such as going fishing, driving, playing basketball, sitting in their cars, or throwing a yard sale.

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