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ICYMI: Biden Reveals Schedule Seconds After Saying He Won't, Messes Up Number of Troop Deaths

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Gaffe Master General Joe Biden strikes again! And this one is a doozy. In a matter of seconds, the soon-to-be three-time failed presidential candidate reveals his schedule after saying he won’t.

He then proceeds to announce a number of troop deaths, before giving the total from the day prior. But there’s a problem. The numbers don’t add up. Just watch the short clip to the end and you’ll see exactly what’s up…


What is going on with Joe Biden?

After saying “I won’t do it now,” Joe Biden then takes out his schedule from his pocket and shows everyone his schedule, doing “it” now.

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In this same 21 second clip, Biden also showed the country that he doesn’t know how numbers work.


Shameful that his family lets this happen.

He’s toast. Imagine what POTUS would do to him in a live debate. Total mismatch.

Joe Biden’s time is up!

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Check out this reaction from a guy who clearly suffers from Trump derangement syndrome…

On the other hand, at least he’s not going to die in prison like Donald Trump

I’d vote for an unplugged toaster if it means getting Trump out.

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