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ICYMI: Dem Rep. Wears Batman Outfit to Cast Vote In Committee On Halloween (Watch)

Take about a circus…

John Salvatore



There are some things you just have to see with your own eyes. For example, if you were told that a sitting member of Congress dressed up as Batman for a committee vote, who you believe it? Probably not, considering Congress is the last place for costumes.

But there’s proof. It happened. And the Democrat wearing the outfit is far-left Rep. Katie Porter, a freshman lawmaker from California. To make matters worse, the costume isn’t exactly the most flattering on Porter – to put it nicely.

It’s almost as if liberals want to be laughed at just to gain some attention. At this point, they are doing nothing but help President Trump get re-elected – so keep up the antics, Katie!

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Just going to leave this right here.

As House Democrats prepare to officially blow up their Majority with impeachment, @RepKatiePorter is prancing around dressed as Batman.

This is how seriously these clowns are taking impeachment. #CA45

WATCH as Katie votes in the costume…


Here’s Katie Porter voting in the Financial Services Committee as Batman

Ahahahah the video

“Does Alfred get minimum wage?”

“If you return the batmobile could you pay for the Green New Deal?”

From Fox News:

The Trump impeachment inquiry has revealed that the media is doing the Democratic Party’s bidding, according to Greg Gutfeld.

While there are stories to be broken on both sides of the aisle, the media has largely ignored aspects of the inquiry that may not reflect well on the left, Gutfeld claimed Thursday on “The Five.”

“I’ve never seen a media so careful to do the bidding of a political party,” he said. “There’s a huge story in front of them: the story of who the whistleblower is — did he work with [former Vice President Joe] Biden, did he work with [House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam] Schiff, did he work with [former CIA Director John] Brennan, did he work with DNC operatives to help initiate the collusion narrative?”

Save conservative media!


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Biden Says Politics Is Going ‘To Come Back And Whack’ President Trump



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