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ICYMI: Docs Prove Obama Likely Complicit In the Takedown of General Michael Flynn [Details]

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History should not be kind to the administration of Barack Obama, though, likely will. After all, whether we like it or not, America veers a little more left with each passing day.

It’s now looking like Obama was involved in the takedown of General Michael Flynn, who saw his case dropped by the DOJ on Thursday.

Here’s what’s up, via Right Scoop:

The short version is that Obama was meeting with [then-AG Sally] Yates, [then-FBI head James] Comey, [then-CIA chief John] Brennan and [then-DNI head James] Clapper in the Oval Office on January 5th [2017] for an intel briefing. After the meeting was over, Obama specifically asked Yates and Comey to stay behind and told them about Flynn’s phone call with Kislyak and that they had discussed sanctions. Obama said he didn’t want to know anymore about the phone call, perhaps to protect himself, but was “seeking info on whether the White House should be treating Flynn differently, given the information.”

In other words Obama was instructing the FBI and DOJ to go after Flynn. Yates, who didn’t know anything about the call, quickly got up to speed and remembers Comey referring to the Logan Act. And as we all know, that’s exactly what the FBI and DOJ used to go after Flynn. Obama was in on it from the start.

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