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ICYMI: Pelosi Demands House Members Mask Up or They Won't 'Be Recognized'

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There’s still a chance that Donald Trump can remain president. On January 6, 2021, members of Congress will gather for a joint session to open the sealed envelopes that contain the Electoral College votes.

Guess who has all the relative power on that day? Sure as heck isn’t Nancy Pelosi. Nope. It is none other than Vice President Mike Pence, who “will have all the authority as president of the Senate for that day and will accept or reject motions to decide the next steps by the assembly.”

When an envelope is opened, all it will take is for a member of Congress to object “on the state of elector’s votes.” Once a second member objects, it’s game on.

There will then be another vote after a round of deliberation: one vote per Senator, “with the Vice President being the deciding vote if needed in the Senate, while the vote in the House will only be ONE vote per delegation, per state, not per House member!!!”

Don’t forget, the GOP will have 30 delegation votes. Democrats? 20. If this is how it plays out, then Trump will not be a one-term president.

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Keep praying.

If none of that comes to fruition, expect a mandate on mask wearing (and probably being vaccinated, as well).

From Fox News:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., on Tuesday said masks would be a requirement for members in the chamber as the number of coronavirus cases – and related deaths – rise throughout the U.S.

On the House floor, the speaker said members would not be recognized if they were not properly wearing their face coverings – and recognition would be withdrawn if masks were removed while a lawmaker was speaking, according to the official Twitter account of the chamber.

Recognition is when a representative is permitted to speak.


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