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IDF Announces Commander Who Helped Lead Hamas' October 7 Attack Has Been 'Eliminated'

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As Israel’s war with Hamas continued into the new year, the Israeli Defense Forces announced early Monday that it had “eliminated” a commander who played a key role in the terrorist organization’s Oct. 7 massacre of Israeli civilians.

In a post to X, the IDF noted a number of recent accomplishments as its forces “continue operating in Gaza.”

“ELIMINATED: Adil Mismah, the Nukhba Company Commander of Deir al-Balah who took part in Hamas’ October 7 invasion and massacre and attack on other communities surrounding Gaza,” the IDF wrote in its post.

The post noted victories against other targets, including “a terrorist launching rockets in Khan Yunis” a group of terrorists targeting IDF troops with mortal fire.

In addition, Israeli forces came against “Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror targets used for conducting warfare” where they found and presumably seized or destroyed significant arms caches.

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The Israeli military also noted the involvement of its naval forces in the ongoing conflict.

“Overnight, IDF naval troops struck Hamas terror targets and continued to support IDF ground troops in Gaza,” the post stated.

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The Jerusalem Post shared video from the IDF that purported to show IDF forces operating in the Gaza Strip, though what targets were actually shown in the video was not made clear.

Mismah, the company commander killed by the IDF, “helped lead and direct the October 7 massacre of southern Israeli communities,” the IDF told the Post Monday.

He commanded Nukhba’s Deir al-Balah brigade and led Hamas terrorists into at least one kibbutz, or communal residence, and directed attacks on at least two others, according to the outlet.

Since the Oct. 7 invasion, Mismah had been “heavily involved” in the fighting in Gaza, the Post said.

According to Axios, Hamas has suggested a new deal to release at least some of the roughly 100 hostages the radical Islamic terror group still holds, but said it would only to do if Israel ceases operations in Gaza.

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According to details of the proposal leaked to Axios, the deal would involve the release of about 40 hostages in exchange for a “pause in fighting for more than a month” and possibly also the release of other prisoners currently held by Israel.

“The proposal we received from Hamas on Sunday was totally off base and we asked the mediators to try and produce a more acceptable proposal,” an Israeli official told the outlet. “They are working on it and let’s see what happens.”

“We are in the pre-beginning of the talks,” the official added. “The negotiations are not stuck anymore but they are also not making significant progress yet.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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