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If We’re Pulling Divisive Images Like Confederate Flag From NASCAR, Why Is BLM Being Used?

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NASCAR kowtowed to Bubba Wallace, an African-American driver, when he called on them to ban the Confederate flag from events. The reason, of course, is because it is controversial.

Talk about playing the race car(d)!

Wallace doesn’t like the flag. He doesn’t believe it’s a sign of Southern pride, as so many millions of Americans do.

And yet, despite millions of Americans being offended by everything Black Lives Matter stands for (radical gay agenda, abortion, other far-left nonsense, etc.), Wallace’s car is plastered with BLM propaganda.

Why such a double standard?

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How about the absolute fact that BLM is in direct opposition to the core values of many Americans?

If something can be banned because it offends, shouldn’t all things be banned that offend? Is that such a difficult concept to grasp? You know, a level playing field!?

From CBS Sports:

NASCAR driver Ray Ciccarelli announced on his Facebook Wednesday that he intends on leaving the sport at the end of the season. His biggest issue appears to be a disagreement with the direction that things are heading. This decision comes in the wake of NASCAR allowing on-track personnel to kneel during the national anthem, Bubba Wallace driving a car that says Black Lives Matter on it and the sport banning the Confederate flag from races.

More from SportsNet:

Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr., currently the only full-time black driver on the NASCAR circuit, was a guest on Good Morning America Thursday and said he’s “really proud of the efforts of NASCAR and wanting to be a part of change.”


Wallace drove a No. 43 Chevrolet car on Wednesday during a race at the Martinsville Speedway in Virginia with a #BlackLivesMatter paint scheme and the words “compassion, love, understanding” emblazoned on the side.


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