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Illegal Alien Biden Admin Freed Into US Charged with Killing 11-Year-Old Boy

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The consequences of an open border are once again on full display after yet another horrific incident.

According to Breitbart, on Monday 35-year-old Hermanio Joseph appeared in court in Clark County, Ohio, where he was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide in the death of an 11-year-old boy.

On Aug. 22, Joseph was driving a Honda Odyssey minivan when he allegedly hit a Northwestern Local Schools bus, which was driving students to school. The bus flipped, and 11-year-old Aiden Clark was ejected from the bus.

At the time of the crash, Joseph was driving without a valid driver’s license, having only a Mexican driver’s license on him.

While the death of this innocent child is tragic enough, the circumstances of Joseph’s presence in Ohio make the story all the more infuriating.

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Turns out, Hermanio Joseph is a Haitian national who illegally entered the United States via the southern border from Mexico in the summer of 2022. Upon arriving in the United States, he was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The Department of Homeland Security gave Joseph a notice to appear in front of an immigration court and then released him into the country.

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It is unclear when Joseph’s court date was scheduled, but it seems as if he never showed up. Instead, he ended up in Ohio where he allegedly killed an 11-year-old boy.

Critics are pointing the finger at the Biden administration, saying that its open borders policy is putting public safety at risk.

“The Biden administration’s ‘welcome and release’ agenda continues to put our communities at risk,” said John Fabbricatore, a former senior ICE official. “Their goal is to let in as many poorly vetted illegal aliens as possible, often without proper GPS tracking or scheduled court appearances. When will this administration put public safety first, or is mass migration more important?”

It is really hard to argue with Fabbricatore’s assessment of the situation. Again and again, we have seen communities across the country put in danger because of the lax immigration policies of the Biden administration.

Improper vetting of arrivals at the southern border is allowing many dangerous people into the country, and innocent people are getting hurt and even killed in some instances.

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But it is not only people like Joseph that are exploiting the chaos at the border, dangerous people from around the world, including suspected terrorists, are being allowed into the country.

Worse, migrants from hostile nations like China are crossing the border, which is creating an even larger national security risk.

In short, there are several national security issues that could easily be solved by having a functioning border and enforcing existing immigration laws. Lives could be saved if the Biden administration merely enforced the law.

Tragedies like this are avoidable if the laws are enforced.

If we had a properly functioning border, perhaps Aiden Clark would still be alive.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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