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More Illegals Caught at US-Canadian Border in 2023 Than Entire Previous Decade: Chief Patrol Agent

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Illegal immigrants aren’t only infiltrating the United States at the southern border.

Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia of the United States Border Patrol’s Swanton Sector indicates his agents have apprehended more than 6,100 persons in the last 11 months.

The apprehensions in the Vermont, New York and New Hampshire border sector are more than those in the last 10 years — combined.

Garcia shared photos of migrant groups traveling through the border region at night.

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Garcia issued a memorandum to his superiors seeking a “quick turnaround” of agents to his sector in February, according to the New York Post.

The official described a phenomenon of mostly Mexican nationals entering the United States through Canada.

Border Patrol has resorted to asking for volunteers to report to the swarmed sector — after previously seeking volunteers for the southern border.

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The crossings may be fueled by a perception that asylum is easier to obtain after crossing the northern border.

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The United States and Canada reached a deal earlier this year on a mutual arrangement to turn away asylum seekers at their respective borders, according to NPR.

Canada sought tougher rules following a growing phenomenon of migrants arriving from the U.S. in Quebec using New York’s Roxham Road.

Many migrants attempt to claim U.S. asylum after flying to Canada to cross the border.

New York Democratic Rep. Brian Higgins accused Department of Homeland Security officials of neglecting the northern border in a June letter.

Higgins objected to DHS policy shifting personnel from the northern border to the southern border, accusing him of stripping the former of its resources.

The United States has seen record-setting levels of illegal immigration under the administration of President Joe Biden, according to Axios.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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