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Migrants Now Trying to Sneak Into U.S. Via Dangerous Desert Crossings, Putting Kids in Danger

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With the heat on the easiest places for border crossings for illegals, it appears that illegals are now choosing to trek through the more dangerous, desert areas and they are endangering their children by dragging them along for the perilous journey. And many were sick before they even left their Southern and Central American homes.

According to the Los Angeles Times, families of illegals are choosing the more dangerous crossings to make to steal their way into the U.S.A.

Most people trying to sneak into the country still use long-established routes in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley. But recently released government figures show a growing number of families crossing along the 268-mile stretch of border known as the El Paso Sector, which includes western Texas and all of New Mexico.

In November, the U.S. Border Patrol in that sector caught 11,617 people traveling in families — nearly 20 times the total during November 2017 and just over a fifth of all migrants apprehended on the southern border. The majority of those families were from Guatemala.

Kevin McAleenan, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection commissioner, told reporters Monday that the increase in migrant families was creating an “unprecedented crisis.”

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According to immigration officials, from Dec. 22 to Dec. 30, Border Patrol sent 451 immigrants — including 259 kids under 5 — to hospitals.

Despite the claims of Democrats that our evil immigration officers are making kids of illegals sick, it appears that they were ill before they even left their home country.

“Many were ill before they departed their homes,” McAleenan told the paper, citing cases of flu, pneumonia, tuberculosis and parasites.”

McAleenan also noted that smugglers are pushing families into “new and remote areas” to “avoid paying crossing fees to the cartels that control more popular routes.”

Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, a professor of policy and government at George Mason University, added that the costs for passage is climbing for illegals and the kids are bearing the brunt of the dangers.

“Kids are dying because now the families are trying to make it through other points,” she told the Times.

In the end, we can pin the blame for this on the bad parents who are putting their kids in mortal danger with these perilous crossings.

THEY are to blame, not ICE, not the department of immigration, not the U.S. government, and certainly not President Donald Trump.

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