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Illinois Democrats Consider 'Assault' Weapon Registration, Extra Fees

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While the liberal left here in the United States sure does enjoy talking about their plans to abolish or nullify the Second Amendment, that simply will never, ever happen.

The amendment itself is its own insurance policy, of course, and the idea of armed federal agents showing up on American doorsteps to confiscate guns would result in the sort of bloodshed that makes us question our humanity, and shakes us to the core.

And so, instead, Democrats continue to add stipulations, expenses, and annoyances to gun ownership.  The latest attempt to impose some diet infringement on the Second Amendment comes to us from Illinois.

Illinois Democrats are set to begin committee hearings on a piece of legislation that would require all “assault weapons” to be registered with the state and mandate that owners of the guns pay a fee.

Rep. Bob Morgan (D) sponsored the legislation, which also contain certain firearm bans. He tweeted that it will receive its first hearing December 12, 2022.

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Morgan wrote: “We’ve had many people contact my office on how to be involved in ensuring safe gun legislation for our state gets passed. The first hearing for HB5855 will be on Mon, Dec 12th. If you have any questions on how to submit a witness slip, please see the linked tweet below!”

He then tweeted a link to allow gun control proponents to create a “witness slip” in order to voice support for the measure.

WGN-TV reported that Morgan’s bill bans “assault weapons.” It also bans “high-capacity magazines and rapid-fire devices…[and would] raise the age of obtaining a FOID [Firearm Owners Identification] card from 18 to 21 unless the person applying for the card is a member of the military.”

And also;

Illinois residents who already own guns that Democrats call “assault weapons” would be allowed to keep them, but would have to register them. Owners would also have to pay a $25 fee.

The move is sure to draw the ire of conservatives around the country, who’ve long suggested that such registries do not comport with the founding fathers’ vision for this all-important and inalienable right.

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