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Inconsiderate Camera Crew Disrespects Disabled Veteran in Horrific Way

I won’t say that the press is the enemy of the people, but there are certainly a number of boneheads in the club.



2018 election

With the President continuing to ratchet up his rhetoric agains the “fake news media”, there is certainly no shortage of criticism aimed at world of journalism-adjacent entertainment.

And perhaps that’s the best way to truly describe the mainstream media’s role in our informational process:  Journalism-Adjacent Entertainment.  Much in the same way that the WWE is “wrestling”, networks such as CNN are “news”.  The end goal of both organizations is to sell advertising rights during their salacious broadcasts in order to pad their celebrity-sized bank accounts.  These aren’t “journalists” so much as they are “personalities”, and their anger over being exposed as such is deafening.

I won’t say that the press are the enemy of the people, however.  I believe a free press is essential to maintaining the ideals of American society.  I simply believe that we need to educate ourselves on what the “news” really is.

Trending: CNN Employee Busted On Camera Saying He Wants Trump to Die ‘Hopefully Soon’ (Video)

I will, however, commit to saying that one local news crew in Houston, Texas are a bunch of boneheads.

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Even fellow newspeople couldn’t help from calling them out.

Thankfully, those responsible for the issue saw the light later in the day:

And while the apology is certainly appreciated, the tone of this tweet is a bit sullied by the “two people” snark.  Every vote counts, and every uncounted vote is a wasted opportunity.



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CNN Employee Busted On Camera Saying He Wants Trump to Die ‘Hopefully Soon’ (Video)

So not cool, no matter who it is.

John Salvatore



To say you want a person to die – any person – is pretty despicable. Whether you disagree with a person on politics or religion or movies, whatever, doesn’t matter. It’s ridiculous. James O’Keefe has released yet another video uncovering CNN’s bias. On one tape, someone says of course we’re left-leaning at CNN – but everyone already knew that. On another, a CNN employee appears to not-so-subtly suggest he wants President Trump dead. Will this person be suspended? Fired? Even talked about longer than a day before the liberal media decides to bash POTUS for doing a good job on the economy? Probably not. Here’s the deal… From Daily Wire: In a new undercover sting video released on Thursday by James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, a production supervisor at CNN suggested that he wants President Donald Trump to die “hopefully soon.” The remarks were included in a nearly 16-minute long video in Project Veritas’ third installment of its undercover sting video series on CNN, which the group has dubbed “Expose CNN.” WATCH: At this rate, no matter how hard the left tries, it would appear Trump has 2020 all but in the bag. Great for America, bad for the left. But what’s bad in the eyes of the left is usually good for the left – they just can’t see it. Liberals. SMH. BREAKING: New leaked video from inside CNN: President Jeff Zucker tells employees to push “impeachment” and that all of CNN’s stories should be about “moves towards impeachment” One of CNN’s employees says Zucker has a “personal vendetta against Trump” I’d like to introduce CNN whistleblower Cary Poarch, who secretly recorded his colleagues for months. We’ll be uploading clips all day and night. Says Poarch, “I did’t see any other option…I decided to wear a hidden camera…

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Man Wonders If Trump’s Tweets Contributed to the Death of Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings

What say you?

John Salvatore



Longtime Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings (D) died on Wednesday at the age of 68. It was certainly unexpected. President Trump sent his warmest regards via tweet upon learning of the news. RIP, Elijah. But that wasn’t good enough for lefties. You see, POTUS can literally do nothing right. If he expresses his condolences on Cummings’ passing, he gets trashed. If he didn’t say a word about Cummings’ death, he would’ve been trashed. It’s a no-win situation. One dude on Twitter, who is apparently a comedian (I think) that frequently contributes to CNN, wondered if Trump’s tweets prior to Cummings’ death somehow contributed to Cummings’ death. Because that’s the state of the world in 2019. Check this out… Yep we all saw how you respected him – you called Cummings a “racist” and attacked him over and over on Twitter. We have to ask if these attacks contributed to his decline in health! #RIPElijah Reactions: some of the last things cummings did lying on his death bed was signing off subpoeanas to get trump impeached. Still he wrote this eulogy. if he hadnt said something, you would be offended at that too. Dear Lord leftys are so fragile they believe Trump saying true things that hurt Cumming’s feelings helped put him in an early grave. 🤦‍♂️ Did Trump give him diabetes and a bad heart? l m f a o wE hAvE tO aSk If ThEsE aTtAcKs CoNtRiBuTeD tO hIs DeClInE iN hEaLtH! You people are incredibly tiresome. So you’re saying Trump is so mean it kills people? And you’re a supposed adult? Lol…mean Twitter words killed him…that’s a new one. Will that be an article of impeachment? You folks are clowns. That’s just silly. If looking at Twitter could be attributed to a…

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