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INDY RISING: Young Voters Refusing to Buy Into Two-Party System

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As Americans continue to watch Washington DC descend into abject dysfunction, a vast number of the youngest voters among us are eschewing the false dichotomy of the two party system, preferring instead to keep their options open.

A new poll has demonstrated the shocking reality of the rise of the Independent voter, and the trend is certainly large enough to have political strategists on their toes.

A plurality of younger voters in the United States are registering as independents, according to a Gallup report.

The report authored by Jeffrey Jones showed that younger voters appear to be rejecting the two main political parties and are identifying as independents. Currently, Americans are evenly split between Democrats and Republicans at 28 percent, while a plurality, 41 percent, identified as independent.

Wilder still was the acceleration of this trend as we move from generation to generation.

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According to the results the report used, which were taken before the midterms in August, the millennials and generation X were the largest contributors as to why a plurality identify as independents:

  • 52 percent of millennials

  • 44 percent of generation X

  • 33 percent of baby boomers

  • 26 percent of the silent generation

Independent voters have long been a small and manageable metric for strategists and pollsters, but at this rate there could be some rather surprising years in store for DC and beyond.

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