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Infowars' Sales Boosted After Sandy Hook Defamation Case

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Conspiracy theorist and media provocateur Alex Jones has been on the receiving end of a vast amount of bad news in recent weeks, but there now appears to be an unexpected silver lining appearing on his cloud.

Jones was found guilty of defaming parents of children killed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, as the Infowars host suggested on several occasions that the event was “staged” in an attempt to attack Americans’ gun rights.

The verdict now has Jones on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in damages to these families, and fans of the rather kooky media mogul are boosting his sales in the wake of the judgement.

Infowars has seen it sales soar in the weeks since its founder, Alex Jones, has appeared in court after he was hit with a defamation lawsuit filed by the parents of children who were killed in the Sandy Hook mass shooting over a decade ago.

And this wasn’t a small amount, either.

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Attorneys for Infowars’ parent company, Free Speech Systems LLC, is on pace to record $800,000 in sales just this week alone, according to filings in US Bankruptcy Court in Houston which were cited by The Wall Street Journal.

Jones, who told his millions of listeners that Sandy Hook was a “hoax,” was ordered by a jury to pay $49 million in damages to the parents of Jesse Lewis, the six-year-old boy who was among 20 students and six teachers massacred by a gunman in Newtown, Conn. in December 2012.

Last month, Free Speech Systems filed for bankruptcy for the second time in an effort to withstand the financial burdens resulting from several lawsuits related to Sandy Hook.

The news could complicate those bankruptcy filings, however, as it shows the company’s worth to be profound.

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