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Iran Caught Red-Handed Seeking Nuclear Secrets in Europe

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Our world is already seemingly heading toward some sort of man-made disaster here in the 21st century, and whatever cataclysm awaits us would surely be hastened by Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon.

The Islamic regime in Tehran has long hoped to procure one of these all-powerful weapons, possibly as a deterrent and likely as a way to further antagonize Israel, for decades.  They’ve skirted international watchdog groups, they’ve refused to allow inspectors in-country, and now it seems that they’ve even attempted to perform feats of espionage in order to get what they want.

As the Biden administration seeks to temporarily restrict Tehran from building an atomic bomb, a damning new Swedish intelligence report accuses the Islamic Republic of Iran of illegal attempts to secure nuclear weapons technology in the Scandinavian nation during 2021.

The Swedish document places new question marks over the efficacy of the controversial Iran nuclear deal that rewards the clerical regime with up to $275 billion in economic benefits during the first year of an agreement and as much as $1 trillion by 2030, according to one estimate.

The formal name for the intelligence report—the Swedish Security Yearbook—revealed “Iran also conducts industrial espionage such as primarily aimed at Swedish high-tech industry and Swedish products that can be used in a nuclear weapons program.”

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And, in a world that is increasingly prone to the consolidation of authoritarian allegiances, authorities were quick to lump them in with some of the world’s most tyrannical regimes.

In response to a Fox News Digital press query, a spokesman for the Swedish Security Service said, “The Swedish Security Service considers Iran to be one of the three countries that poses the gravest security threat to Sweden and Swedish interests. The other two being Russia and China.”

When asked about the nature of Iran’s efforts to secure illicit nuclear weapons technology, the spokesman said, “As a national security service much of our information derives from classified intelligence. We are unable to go in to more detail other than is stated in the Yearbook.”

Iranian-Swedish human rights activist Laleh Bazargan told Fox News Digital “The Islamic regime of Iran is not a normal government” and the regime “is built on the foundation of killing dissidents, hostage taking, bombings, terrorists attacks, and creating chaos.”

A nuclear Iran is not something that the world can afford to face, and it could take a global effort to prevent such a reality from coming to fruition.

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