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Iran Missile Strike Takes Out A Helicopter, Nine Tents, And Some Tools



Iran’s missile strikes earlier this week was a big bust, proving once again that this country is completely incompetent when it comes to basically just about anything.

There were no American deaths as a result of the attack, which was what Iran was hoping for. Instead, they managed to destroy a helicopter, some tents, and a few tools.

I’m sure our forces are truly devastated by this incredible show of force.

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Here’s more from The Washington Examiner:

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“They got one rescue helo and nine canvas shelters,” said the source, who has direct knowledge of the after-action battle damage assessment. “And that’s it. For them, it was a pretty skimpy outcome.”

An assortment of ground tools, such as rakes and shovels, might also have been wiped out, a European officer said. “We can’t really tell what they used to be,” said the officer, who is stationed at one of the targeted sites, Erbil air base in northern Iraq. “But they look like they might have been gardening tools.”

The helicopter was a Sikorsky HH-60 combat search and rescue craft, the military source said. The aircraft, nicknamed Pave Hawk, was built by American contractor Lockheed Martin. Modeled after the workhorse Black Hawk, the HH-60 is known for its survivability in combat — but still can fall victim to a missile, especially when earthbound and unable to evade.

The European officer went on to say, “Too bad it wasn’t airborne when the hit came in. We’d still have the helicopter. I am worried about the tents, to be honest. A tent is very useful when you have to stay outside. Will people now have to double up in the cold?”

The Pave Hawk that was destroyed cost $40 million according to a contractor who works for the U.S. military.

While the cost of the helicopter definitely isn’t good, the fact that Iran managed to only do minimal damaged from all those missile launches is still good news. What do a few tents matter when compared to human life? Thankfully, they missed all those targets.

President Trump has stated he’s going to slap Iran with more sanctions over the attack rather than seeking military action at this time. Let’s hope this situation is resolved without any loss of life.

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White House Reveals Details Of Plan To Ship 150 Million Rapid Virus Tests To States



According to brand new reports, states are set to receive 6.5 million rapid coronavirus tests this week, thanks to a plan detailed by President Trump on Monday, calling the move a “game changer” that will enable leadership in those states to provide better protection for first responders and to reopen schools. The whole idea of reopening schools has been something of a hot button issue as of late, despite the mountain of evidence that supports children not having severe issues with the virus like high-risk adults do. Here’s more from the Washington Times: Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves, a Republican, thanked Mr. Trump for the BinaxNOW tests. He said the 15-minute turnaround time will allow him to screen K-12 schoolteachers daily instead of weekly. “We want to get 100% of our kids back in the classroom,” Mr. Reeves said in the White House Rose Garden. All told, 100 million of the Abbott tests will be sent to states. Governors can use them as they see fit, though the White House wants them to keep K-12 schools open, support critical infrastructure and first responders and stamp out local flare-ups of COVID-19. Mr. Trump said the other 50 million tests will go to nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and historically Black colleges and universities as part of an effort to protect the most vulnerable. He said the shipments will be a “massive and groundbreaking” expansion of the nation’s testing. Despite what mainstream media outlets have had to say about the Trump administrations handling of the coronavirus, the president has done a fantastic job. He’s refused to abuse his power and get involved in state affairs, allowing governors to handle the bulk of the work just as the Constitution calls for. And, for the most part, the majority of governors seem to have done fairly…

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David Hogg Issues Apology For Condemning Violence Carried Out By Non-White People: ‘It’s Not My Place’



Leftism continues to prove that it is indeed some sort of wacky mental disorder by showcasing just how impossible it is to hold this view and be consistent. The latest case in point comes to us from anti-gun activist and Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg. Hogg made some comments about condemning violent acts and seemed to allude this included acts perpetrated by individuals who weren’t white as well. Seems like a reasonable, principled, consistent take. Kind of unusual for this guy. But, after he got pressure from folks, he walked that back and said “it’s not my place” to condemn those violent acts done by people of color. Sigh. via Daily Wire: “Young people can stage a nonviolent political revolution over the coming decade but it will require all of us voting in consistently high # EVERY election, protesting, organizing and running for office and most importantly the persistence, love and community to overcome setbacks,” Hogg tweeted on Monday morning. “To do so we must all practice the humility, kindness and grace to be the political leaders we need to be in order to create such change.” “We must not fall for the slander espoused by those in power that says violence will solve our problems, they only say that so they can have an excuse to grow their authoritarianism. I have seen how violence and hate destroys lives and communities- it is not the answer,” he continued. “The use of violence to acquire political power is deeply rooted in imperialism, capitalism and white supremacy[.] I personally refuse to believe that the use of this same violence will ever create nonviolent systems of government that represent and support everyone.” Hogg later clarified that his comments are only directed at “young white people” who have used the protests and…

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