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Iran Rethink 'Morality Police' After Months of Hijab Protests

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Iran’s Islamic Regime may have taken the thriving nation back in time several decades, (or more), with their religious fanaticism and strict, anti-western slant, but the women of the middle eastern nation have now taken back at least some of their stolen dignity.

After months of protest, and tens of thousands of arrests, Iran is backing down from their attempts to strictly enforce an orthodox and antiquated dress code for women in the nation.

Iran has announced that it is disbanding the force, called the morality police, that enforces the nation’s Islamic dress code and is considering changes to the requirement that women keep their heads covered in public. Widespread protests led by women have been taking place for months in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini, 22, who was accused of violating the hijab rules and taken into custody. “Morality police have nothing to do with the judiciary and have been abolished,” said Attorney General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, per the ISNA news agency, Deutsche Welle reports. He suggested that women could still face restrictions and enforcement, however.

It was unclear just what was coming next.

“Of course, the judiciary continues to monitor behavioral actions,” Montazeri said at a religious conference. State news agencies said prosecutions for morality crimes, including death sentences, will continue. Montazeri made the revelation in answer to a question at the event Sunday, a day after telling parliament the hijab requirement should be reconsidered. The government actions could be aimed at deflating the demonstrations, but protesters told the BBC they won’t be enough to end the protests, which have broadened to include many issues. “We, the protesters, don’t care about no hijab no more. We’ve been going out without it for the past 70 days,” one woman said. “A revolution is what we have. Hijab was the start of it and we don’t want anything, anything less, but death for the dictator and a regime change.”

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The protests against the hijab laws had spread far and wide, and included a display at the World Cup, in which Iran’s team chose not to sing along with their national anthem in solidarity with the demonstrations.

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