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Iran Talks Tough Against US, Says Any Move Against It Would Face 'Crushing' Response

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The Iranian government puffed up its chest on Tuesday and stated that any attack on the country by the United States would face a “crushing” response, as reports hit stating that President Donald Trump has asked for options for a strike against Iran’s main nuclear site last week, but ultimately decided against taking action.

“Any action against the Iranian nation would certainly face a crushing response,” spokesman Ali Rabiei said in remarks that were streamed on one of the country’s official websites.

via Newsmax:

Citing a U.S. official, Reuters reported on Monday that Trump, with two months left in office, conferred with top advisers about the possibility of attacking the Natanz uranium enrichment plant, but was dissuaded by them from that option.

One of the advisers named in the report, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, is on Wednesday due to visit Israel, which has long hinted at possible military action against its arch-enemy Iran.

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“If I were the Iranians, I would not feel at ease” after the report, Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said, adding that he was not aware of the Oval Office deliberations last Thursday.

“It is very important that the Iranians know that if, indeed, they suddenly dash toward high levels of enrichment, in the direction of nuclear weaponry, they are liable to encounter the military might of the United States – and also, perhaps, of other countries,” Steinitz said during a conversation with Israel’s Army Radio.

Iran continues to claim that the nuclear program exists to help them meet peaceful needs. Rabiei has accused the nation of Israel of engaging in “psychological warfare” against the country.

“I personally don’t foresee that it’s probable that they (the United States) would want to cause insecurity in the world and the region,” he said.

Peaceful needs? Yeah, I’m not buying it. Most people probably don’t. After all, these are the same people who take to the streets and shout, “death to America” on a regular basis.

They don’t exactly seem like friendly, peaceful kind of people.

Regardless, their threat is an empty one. They know full well we could crush them like an ant under the boot. Let’s hope, however, that we never have to engage in any sort of battle with Iran, as peace is preferable to war.

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