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Is Mueller “Sweating Out” Paul Manafort?

A recent report is troubling for both sides.



Robert Mueller

Not surprisingly, Americans are growing ever more tired of the ridiculous #RussiaGate witch hunt that Robert Mueller has been conducting, despite the Special Counsel’s inability to produce even one connection to collusion within the Trump campaign.

In fact, two subsequent investigations have both shown precisely no collusion, after having investigated the same claims.  Further confounding We The People is the reality that Robert Mueller seems to have moved well off the rails of the original scope of this investigation, having declared nothing but trumped up process charges for a number of loose connections to the President.  In fact, Mueller hasn’t even been getting much of a warm reception in the courtroom either, with one judge recently demanding that Michael Flynn appear in court, in person, within days lest Mueller wish to let him walk.

Both sides in the special counsel’s case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn are staying tight-lipped after a judge demanded information about why Flynn’s sentencing is once again being delayed.

In a joint Monday court filing, Mueller and Flynn’s lawyers only replied that they are not “ready for sentencing.”

But responding to that filing, U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan late Monday ordered a July 10 hearing over the delays.

This reeks of desperation, as if Mueller just needs more time to make him crack.
C’mon, Bobby, I know you spent some time over at the FBI, and we have just figured out that those boys are about as useless as breasts on a boar, but we figured that you would at least hide it better.
For instance, with reports surfacing today that your only other “get”, Paul Manafort, is spending his time in solitary confinement, one could certainly get the impression that you’re attempting to sweat him for info or some sort of false confession.
The attorney for Paul Manafort on Thursday appealed for his client’s release from “solitary confinement” so he could prepare for his defense in two complex trials.

The motion to release states that Manafort — a former chairman of Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign — is locked in his cell “24 hours a day,” except for when he meets with his legal team whose offices are two hours away from the facility where Manafort is being held.

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Manafort’s location is unclear. Some reports indicate Northern Neck Regional Jail in Virginia.

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Concerns are that Manafort could be a flight risk, given his wealth and legal expertise.


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