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IS NORMAL BACK? Celebs and Politicians Remove Masks to Party at Super Bowl

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At some point, hopefully in the not-so-distant future, there will be some sort of return to “normal” for Americans.  This coronavirus pandemic won’t last forever, as the virus itself will eventually burn out and fade away into a far less-potent threat to our health.

But there aren’t a whole lot of official agencies lining up to make that call.  Caution is still very much the name of the game, at least in the public health arena.

There are signs that “normalcy” may be returning to America, however, and they were abundant at this weekend’s Super Bowl in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and a host of Hollywood celebs have been slammed as hypocrites for refusing to don masks at the Super Bowl in defiance of the local mandate.

The California city’s health department had repeatedly noted that “masks will be required at the stadium” for Sunday’s big game — and even gave out upgraded KN95 ones to everyone in attendance.

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But footage from private boxes at SoFi Stadium showed the vast majority of celeb attendees watching the Rams’ victory with their faces cover-free.

A photo being widely shared online even appeared to catch Garcetti, 51, chatting to a group while none of them wore masks — despite the mayor taking flak for a similar slip two weeks earlier.

Mr. Mayor wasn’t the only one returning to the old ways, either.

Other commentators were equally angered by the slew of Hollywood elite photographed openly defying the mask rule at the game.

One widely shared video clip showed the likes of LeBron James, Jay-Z, Matt Damon, Jennifer Lopez and beau Ben Affleck — none of whom were wearing face coverings.

So is this a case of the elite behaving badly, or a sign that “normal” is returning?  Perhaps only time will tell.

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