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Israel Takes Heavy Rocket Fire From Gaza as Int'l Tensions Rise

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Having already survived the tumultuous 2018 midterm elections here in the United States, a cursory look around the globe reveals to us a world still very much in turmoil.

In Europe, the idea of Brexit continues to fester, with ugly and mean-spirited debate occurring on both sides of the issue.  Meanwhile, EU authorities continue to antagonize the US President both with blatant insults said in his company and through their hopes of creating a military force for the whole of Europe to protect against possible actions by the United States. 

If we look to the Middle East, however, things are beginning to look downright biblically apocalyptic.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston warns that the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestine could be the start of a biblical war.

Following a botched Israeli special forces raid miles inside Gaza on Sunday evening, Hamas launched 400 rockets and mortars from Gaza, possibly the largest bombardment ever in that time period.

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Israel responded by carrying out more than 100 bombings, including the targeting of a Hamas-run television building.

According to the Times of Israel, large numbers of IDF troops and tanks are now heading to the border with Gaza.

Rabbi Pinchas Winston believes that the latest escalation, which some are calling the most intense to date, could spark the War of Gog and Magog, an “end of days” conflict which precipitates the Messianic Redemption.

The United States has taken steps under the Trump administration to bolster our allies in Israel, including the bold choice to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  Such a move would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; a maneuver that has irked the pro-Palestinian regimes to no end.

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