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ISS Astronauts Board 'Life Raft' as Russia Recklessly Tests New Space Weapon

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It’s not secret that the Russian military is brazen, and seemingly beholden to no one, but their latest salacious stunt is drawing international, (and interstellar), condemnation.

The Kremlin, which has been dabbling in hypersonic missiles and is believe by many to be behind the direct energy attacks that cause “Havana Syndrome”, this week launched on of their most audacious weapons tests yet, firing an anti-satellite weapon that caused quite a commotion on the International Space Station.

The United States lashed out at Russia for its ‘dangerous and irresponsible behavior’ by conducting an anti-satellite weapons test that created a field of 1,500 pieces of debris endangering the crew of the International Space Station.

The State Department confirmed that the debris was from an old Russian satellite destroyed in Monday’s anti-satellite weapons test.

They did not mince their words, either.

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‘It was dangerous. It was reckless. It was irresponsible,’ said State Department spokesman Ned Price.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby also briefed reporters, in a sign of the incident’s strategic significance, and stressed that Russia did not give Washington advance warning of the missile.

‘We watch closely the kinds of capabilities that Russia has seemed to want to develop, which could pose a threat not just to our national security interests, but the security incentives of other spacefaring nations,’ he said.

Russia’s belligerence has been on full display of late on earth as well, with a massive buildup of troops near the Ukraine border drawing vast and pointed criticism from NATO and other international coalitions.

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