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Ivanka Stands Defiant in Interview Regarding Email Issues

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Last week, American democrats were handed what they believed to be a blockbuster headline that could shake the Trump administration to the core:

Ivanka Trump Caught Using Private Email for WH Business

Shades of the Hillary Clinton email scandal were immediately raised, with the left wholly pouncing on the opportunity to compare the two.  It was a soundbite smorgasbord in the mainstream media as well, with near-giddy anchors and hosts lambasting the First Daughter’s suppose hypocrisy.

Then, as the day wore on, however, it became rather apparent that this was a wildly false equivalency.

Ivanka herself has now taken to the media to explain why.

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“All of my emails are stored and preserved. There were no deletions,” President Donald Trump’s elder daughter and adviser told ABC News in an interview broadcast Wednesday.

The Washington Post reported this month that Ivanka Trump sent hundreds of emails about government business from a personal email account last year to White House aides, Cabinet members and her assistant, many in violation of public records rules.

“There is no restriction of using personal email,” she said. “In fact, we’re instructed that if we receive an email to our personal account that could relate to government work, you simply just forward it to your government account so it can be archived.”

Of course, the fact this Hillary Clinton stored a secret, hidden email server in the State Department makes the whole story quite different as well.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Hillary was sending information that was undeniably classified and illegal, and then spent an exorbitant amount of effort to attempt to cover her tracks.


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