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Ivanka Trump Snared by J6 Committee, Testifying Tuesday

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If we remember back to the very impetus of the select committee investigating January 6th, 2021, we would see Nancy Pelosi and others given us a smorgasbord of assurances that their work would not be focused on Donald Trump and his people.  Instead, the committee attempted to suggest that they would be looking at a much wider view of the attempt insurrection.

In the ensuing months, we’ve learned that this was all bluster.

The committee has repeatedly and consistently targeted Donald Trump, his inner circle, his administration, and even his family.

This week was no exception.

Ivanka Trump, the daughter and senior White House adviser of former President Donald Trump, is set to testify before the House Jan. 6 committee on Tuesday, three sources tell NBC News.

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It was not immediately clear whether Ivanka Trump’s expected testimony would happen in-person or virtually. Ivanka Trump’s husband and fellow former White House official Jared Kushner testified virtually last week before the committee for six hours.

A representative for Ivanka Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

While the development is still certainly a bit shocking, Ivanka’s appearance before the committee was pre-empted by her husband Jared Kushner’s own time answering their questions just days ago.

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