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J6 Committee Conveniently Eyeing Pre-Midterm Release Date for Report

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In one of the least surprising pieces of news that we’ve seen in years, it turns out that the work of January 6th select committee will be wrapped up just in time for midterm 2022 voters to soak it in.

Republicans have long claimed that the bipartisan-in-name-only probe was nothing more than a political stunt aimed at damaging the GOP’s chances in the 2022 election, and the newly-announced timing of the committee’s prelimnary report seems to corroborate that suggestion.

The House committee investigating January 6 plans to release preliminary findings into the attack on the Capitol sometime in October, meaning voters may be digesting new details of the insurrection as the midterms approach, Axios reports.

The committee has tentative plans to hold its first public hearing since July on 28 September, and Axios reports that its members are meeting today to flesh out the rest of their schedule. The Democratic chair Bennie Thompson said an early version of its report into the attack will come out in October. “The goal is to have … some information pushed out, obviously, before the November election,” he said, adding that the time between the late-September hearing and the 8 November election “won’t be a quiet period.”

The convenient timing will allow Democrats one final media attack on the GOP, just as America heads to the polls in November.

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