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J6 Defendants Continue Being Busted for Unrelated Offenses

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As it stands today, there are hundreds upon hundreds of Americans who are facing punishments and penalties stemming from their alleged or proven participation in the protest at the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021, with perhaps hundreds more yet to face justice.

And, depending on where you stand politically, your opinion of the treatment and sentences that they’ve received can very wildly.  Former President Trump, for instance, has referred to many as “political prisoners”, while some of the left’s most vociferous talking heads are using words like “treason” and “traitors”.

Now, in a strange twist to the tale, it appears as though an inordinate amount of those facing prosecution over January 6th have found themselves again thrust into the legal crosshairs, and often for unrelated issues.

A growing number of Capitol rioters facing federal prosecution have been charged for other unrelated crimes — from domestic violence to gun and drug charges — according to a review of DOJ records published by CBS News.

In one instance, federal authorities said a Navy reservist went into “panic mode” after the Capitol riot and made $50,000 in firearms-related purchases, The Washington Post reported. Hatchet Speed, who was charged June in connection to the riot, was also indicted by a Virginia grand jury on three counts of unlawful possession of a silencer, per CBS News.

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Kene Lazo, another Capitol rioter, was arrested by federal authorities in May 2021 for being part of the insurrection but was arrested again three months later in Virginia on domestic violence charges, CBS News reported.

And also:

Prosecutors used Lazo’s domestic violence charge to get him a prison sentence, CBS News reported. In another case, police discovered guns and controlled substances when they searched Elias Costianes’ Maryland home in connection to the riot, leading to further charges, the outlet reported.

At this point, over 900 people have faced charges stemming from the events of January 6th, and the FBI is still seeking positive identification of several hundred more.

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