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James Woods Completely Obliterates Starbucks, Here’s How The Internet Responded




Earlier this week, coffee giant Starbucks shut down 8,000 stores and forced their employees to attend racial sensitivity training focused on helping baristas and managers learn all the different ways their “unconscious bias” causes microaggressions and why they need to be “color brave” not “color blind.”

While lots of folks have weighed in on this nonsense, perhaps the most brutal burn came from actor and outspoken conservative James Woods who spared no expense and lambasting the company on Twitter.

In response to its string of PR disasters, beginning with the arrest of two African-American men for loitering, Starbucks not only made sure to tell the world repeatedly about its big “unconscious bias” training session, it also announced a brand new policy: anyone is allowed to loiter in the store without purchasing anything, so long as they’re not being disruptive, or something.

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On Wednesday, Woods posted an account of a Starbucks exec telling a story of what is apparently supposed to be a model response from a Starbucks employee to an unruly customer:

As is usually the case when Woods goes on a tear, others from around the web decided to join in the fun:

Boom goes the dynamite!

It’s quite obvious that at the core of Starbucks’ strategy lies the desire to appease it’s primary demographic, namely whiny left-wing hipsters who think racism is lying in wait to destroy lives under every rock and in every corner.

These are the folks who pay their bills, so of course they want to look like they are actually accomplishing something so those folks will still come in and spend major bucks on their corporate coffee.

It’s hilarious to think all these left-wingers support this company, yet ironically claim to hate major corporations.

Regardless, they’ve now done the minimum required to make folks on the left relax a little, so all is well for them.

Source: The Daily Wire


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