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Jan 6 Committee Prepares to Take Legal Action After Bannon Defies Subpoena

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Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats who are starring the select committee on January 6th appear hellbent on making most of their opportunity to re-try Donald Trump for his alleged “incitement” of the events of that day, and it has Trump’s inner circle in the crosshairs.

The Democratic Party was not pleased with Trump’s second impeachment acquittal, in which he was quickly found to be not guilty of provoking the attempted insurrection at the US Capitol on that fateful day.  Of course, this didn’t sit well with the liberal left, who had spent well over 4 years attempting to tie Trump to some sort of career-ending conspiracy theory.  RussiaGate, Stormy Daniels, UkraineGate…the list never really ended.

As a number of Trump’s closest confidantes are claiming executive privilege in regard to January 6th, (something that the White House has now denied the legitimacy of), their absence in the face of congressional subpoenas could see them facing legal trouble.

Trump ally Steve Bannon’s game of chicken with the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol Hill riot is on the cusp of entering a new and critical phase Thursday as he faces his last chance to reverse course and comply with the panel’s subpoena before lawmakers likely move to seek criminal charges.

Bannon’s lawyer on Wednesday wrote a letter to the panel saying that his client will not provide testimony or documents until the committee reaches an agreement with former President Donald Trump over executive privilege or a court weighs in on the matter. “That is an issue between the committee and President Trump’s counsel and Mr. Bannon is not required to respond at this time,” attorney Robert Costello wrote.
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So, what’s next?
If Bannon is a no-show, the committee is expected to immediately begin seeking a referral for criminal contempt after the subpoena deadline passes — essentially making an example of Bannon’s noncompliance as the House seeks more witnesses, sources familiar with the planning told CNN
CNN reported Wednesday that the committee is unified in its plan to seek criminal charges against those who refuse to comply, and lawmakers have specifically honed in on Bannon while discussing the option publicly.
Two other Trump devotees, Mark Meadows and Kash Patel, have reportedly been working with the select committee in some fashion, but the details of their involvement have yet to be made public.
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