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Jared Kushner Strongly Defends Trump as He Breaks Silence on Indictment

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Former President Donald Trump received a strong show of support from his son-in-law Jared Kushner on Friday.

Kushner, who is married to Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, said the indictment against Trump “shows obviously the fear that the Democrats have of Trump and the political strength that he has.”

“As an American, it’s very troubling to me to see the leader of the opposition party be indicted,” Kushner said during a speech at the Future Investment Initiative summit in Florida.

“I think that that shows obviously the fear that the Democrats have of Trump and the political strength that he has,” he said.

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Kushner said the tactic is nothing new.

“As a family member, obviously, Ivanka and I love him very much and it’s been hard to watch the opponents of him politically continue to break every norm over the last years to try to get him,” Kushner said.

“We’ve seen them accuse him of colluding with Russia. We saw them impeach him. We saw them raid his home. It’s a continuation of that,” he continued.

Kushner also noted that putting pressure on the former president does little to stop him.

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“But what I’ll say is I’ve been by him during a lot of these instances and it’s only made him stronger, and his resolve to take on big challenges, to fight for change, to fight for the American people has only gotten stronger,” he said.

Citing Trump’s Middle East policy, which led to the Abraham Accords Kushner helped put in place improving ties between Israel and Arab nations, Kushner said the ones who attack Trump now “ridiculed him every step of the way.”

“They attacked his choice of representative to lead the effort; they attacked us, everything we did, and President Trump was able to achieve historic results in that regard,” Kushner said.

On Saturday, Trump noted that he was grateful for the support he has received since the word emerged Thursday that he had been indicted.

“I want to thank everybody for the tremendous support you have given me against this assault on our Nation. Our once beautiful USA is now a Nation in Decline. Radical Left Thugs & Insurrectionists have taken over our Country, & are rapidly destroying it,” he posted on his Truth Social platform.

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“They are using the levers of Law Enforcement, and have completely Weaponized the FBI & DOJ to Interfere with, Rigg, and Steal our once SACRED ELECTIONS. We are now living in a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, but we will Come Back & MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” he posted.

Last week, Ivanka Trump posted a brief statement about her father’s indictment.

“I love my father, and I love my country,” she wrote. “Today, I am pained for both.

“I appreciate the voices across the political spectrum expressing support and concern,” she added.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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