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JD Vance's Family Attacked in Racist Ohio Newspaper Cartoon

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The decorum of the modern Democratic Party has fallen into depravity, and continues to fade further from civilized society with each passing day.

And, with the midterm elections hovering just over the political horizon, the acceleration at which the left’s civility is vanishing is simply stunning.

Take a recent newspaper cartoon in Ohio that targeted congressional candidate JD Vance’s biracial family.

An Ohio newspaper is facing backlash for a political cartoon taking aim at Republican Senate candidate JD Vance at the expense of his wife.

The Plain Dealer, Cleveland’s major newspaper, published a cartoon last week depicting Democratic candidate Tim Ryan in the uniform of the Cleveland Guardians, formerly the Cleveland Indians, while Vance appears in a San Francisco Giants uniform with a quote bubble.

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The cartoon was simply despicable.

“Only Indians name change I support is my wife’s to ‘Senator J.D. Vance’s Spouse,'” Vance exclaimed in the cartoon on Wednesday.

Vance’s wife, Usha Vance, is Indian American. Cleveland’s baseball team had been known as the Indians for over a century until changing its name to the Guardians last year.

Vance is currently in a tight race against Democrat Tim Ryan, who recently made headlines after using violent language to describe what he’d like to see happen to the MAGA Movement.

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