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Jerome Corsi Up the Ante on Mueller with $350M Surprise!

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As Robert Mueller allegedly nears the end of his investigation into the 2016 presidential election, the Special Counsel has faced a fierce backlash from many of his latest targets.

One such man is Jerome Corsi, pal of Roger Stone and ex DC Bureau Chief for conspiracy broadcaster Alex Jones.  Corsi, who was brought before Mueller in connection to the aforementioned Stone has cast doubt on the tactics being used by the Special Counsel.

Specifically, Corsi believed that Mueller’s team was pressuring him to “sign a lie” with an offered plea deal.

Now, after filing an official complaint about Mueller’s dirty deed just days ago, Corsi is taking things a step further.

Conservative author Jerome Corsi -accused of lying under oath by the special counsel’s office- sued Robert Mueller’s team Monday; asking for $350 million in damages after claiming Mueller committed “various constitutional violations” during his investigation into Russia-Trump collusion.

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Politico reported that the newly filed suit claims that Mueller tried to get Corsi to give testimony that Corsi said is false. He is reportedly seeking $100 million in actual damages and $250 million in damages due to injury to his reputation.  The CIA, FBI, and the National Security Agency were also named in the suit,” reports Fox News.

The lawsuit comes just a weekend removed from dual filings by the Mueller team that have been described as “game changing”.  The President, to his credit, seemed unfazed by the news, continuing to assert the reality that none of Mueller’s filings have amounted to a shred of evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians during the 2016 election.

And that is, after all, what this was all about in the first place.

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