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Jesse Watters Says He May File Restraining Order Against Joy Behar

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WARNING: The following article and video contain language that some viewers may find offensive.

The progressive ABC talk show “The View” often devolves into Orwellian Two-Minutes-Hate sessions for the daytime TV crowd. The hosts take turns smearing the deplorable of the moment while the audience dutifully applauds each talking point. But co-host Joy Behar may have crossed a line during a recent “View” gripe fest.

Behar was defending some LGBT-inflected holiday junk for sale at Target, which included a “pride” themed version of the traditional nutcracker soldier figurine.

Behar went there, and suggested using the nutcracker to commit physical violence against a specific part of Fox host Jesse Watters’ anatomy.

Watters had previously featured a segment on his show “Jesse Watters Primetime” criticizing the products and the woke agenda behind them.

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Watters heard Behar’s implied threat. The Fox News host, potentially joking, commented a report and possibly even a restraining order would be filed against Behar.

During the video of “The View” segment, the co-hosts managed to not only threaten Watters, but to also slam Fox News, Republicans, Christians and House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Considering the topic was a tacky holiday toy, it’s amazing the rambling co-hosts managed to squeeze in so many members of their enemies list. Or maybe it’s not surprising, because it often seems like there’s nothing that tolerant progressives enjoy more than ranting about all the people they despise.

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In his response, Watters acknowledged people have the right to buy a “pride” nutcracker, Target has a right to sell it and he can say whatever he wants about it.

But the ladies of “The View” didn’t think Watters had a right to voice his opinions.

“They threatened to crack my nuts,” Watters said, in a clip shared on social media.

Watters concluded with a kind of a punchline that suggested his intent was mockery more than litigation.

“And under New York’s red flag law, we’ve asked the police to confiscate all of Joy’s nutcrackers for my safety, and the safety of all men everywhere.”

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Controversial red flag laws are meant to preemptively disarm supposedly dangerous people before they act.

Watters topped Behar’s sick joke with one at her expense, but the real sick joke is the Target merchandise being debated.

In the segment, Behar got it totally wrong, claiming the “pride” nutcracker has nothing to do with sex. According to the lexicons of the left, what else are the “pride” colors and symbols but an assertive display of degenerate sexuality?

Target damaged itself earlier this year with controversial “pride”-themed products, but the retail giant seems slow to learn the lesson of “Get woke, go broke.” Imposing LGBT content onto an icon of one of the biggest, most important Christian holidays in America was not a wise marketing decision.

Many anticipate Target will have a dismal Christmas season, driven by those boycotting the woke inclinations of the company.

Pride was traditionally known as one of the seven deadly sins. It’s definitely not what Christmas is really about.

While it is great Watters keeps sparring against the establishment media, it is good to reflect that what we could all use more of this Christmas is humility.


This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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