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Jewish College Student Told To Cancel Trip To Israel Or Be Booted From Student Government

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A Jewish college student attending McGill University who also happens to be on the school’s student government, was given a rather hateful ultimatum, one that rings clear with anti-Semitism.

She was told that she needed to cancel her trip to Israel or get booted off the student government.

Can’t you smell all that delightful tolerance in the air?

Here’s more from TheBlaze:

Second-year student Jordyn Wright had planned to participate in a trip to Israel this winter break sponsored by Hillel Montreal called “Face to Face.” The trip, Wright says in a Facebook post about the incident, would consist of “visiting Israel and the Palestinian territories to meet with politicians, journalists, and locals from all sides to better understand a very nuanced geopolitical conflict.”

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She continued, “As a Jew, my connection to Israel is a core aspect of my identity, and I hoped that this trip would help me to experience Israel through a new lens.”

But during a Nov. 28 student government meeting, Wright was told that if she proceeded with plans to go on the trip, there would be consequences. Wright said that due to her intention to participate in the trip, the council “voted to call for my resignation from my positions in student government.”

She claims that she was also given an ultimatum by the school’s Science Executive Committee: “Either I withdraw from the trip, or I resign from my position. If I do not resign, I am being implicitly threatened with impeachment upon my return.”

According to a report from the College Fix, Wright said that she’s still planning to go forward with her trip, in total defiance of the school’s threats.

The student government put out a news release arguing that the real reason behind the ultimatum is that it was a free trip from Hillel Montreal. They say that accepting such a gift is that it “compromises [student government representatives’] ability to be perceived as impartial when representing the entire student body on the Board of Directors.”

Other members aren’t so sure that’s actually the case. In an open letter addressed to the board of directors, some of the students came to Wright’s defense saying they “believe the direction of the debate was focused on a specific member, Jordyn Wright … in a way that was startling and unwarranted. We are not surprised that Councillor Wright subsequently expressed that she felt targeted and attacked during this session, and we agree that the nature of the motion and its amendments as adopted by the session were hostile, directed, and should be a matter of wider concern.”

The letter goes on to call the whole incident a “mistake” that needs to be “rectified.”

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