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Jill Biden Drops 2024 Bombshell During Dinner with French President

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While the rest of the nation, (and the Democratic Party), waits to see what sort of hemming and hawing Joe Biden is going to do in regard to his 2024 reelection campaign, it appears as though the First Lady is ready to spill the beans.

The revelation comes to us from a recent state dinner in which the White House hosted a delegation from France that included President Emmanuel Macron.  It was during this dinner that Dr. Jill let the cat out of the bag.

Jill Biden, the first lady, told President Emmanuel Macron of France at the White House state dinner last week that she and her husband are ready for his re-election campaign, according to two people with knowledge of the discussion. President Biden then joined the French president and the first lady in a playful toast.

It was a lighthearted moment — and Mr. Biden still intends to make a formal decision about whether he will run again after the holiday season — but the fact that the Bidens were willing to signal to an important foreign ally about the president’s plans hints at how committed they are to a second term. The interaction also offered a window into the thinking of Dr. Biden, who has been held up as a decisive voice in her husband’s deliberations.

The moment became a bit of a thing.

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The conversation on Thursday evening began as Dr. Biden held court at the head table, which included Mr. Macron; his wife, Brigitte; several French officials; Democratic activists; and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The first lady, an exercise devotee, told the group that fitness helps clear her head, especially when she’s on the campaign trail.

Her disclosure caught Mr. Macron’s ear.

Mr. Macron asked her whether she was ready for another campaign. Absolutely, was Dr. Biden’s emphatic reply. Mr. Macron, who is as eager as the rest of the world for a firm answer about Mr. Biden’s plans, turned to the president and said that apparently congratulations were in order.

Then Mr. Macron led the table in a toast to Mr. Biden’s 2024 campaign. Mr. Macron raised a glass of wine, and Mr. Biden raised his glass of Coca-Cola. When asked about the toast, a spokesman for the Élysée Palace, who insisted on anonymity, said he had no clue about the exchange. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Biden’s tumultuous first term has given the Democratic Party pause when it comes to supporting a reelection campaign, and the President’s recent 80th birthday is sure to be a non-starter for many voters regardless of his record.

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