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Jimmy Kimmel and His Pals Skewered for Their New Project: 'Group Therapy for Libs'

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Late-night TV “comedian” Jimmy Kimmel is taking major ridicule for his latest venture in cooperation with TV rivals including Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon, after they launched a new podcast in a desperate attempt to stay relevant that detractors are jokingly calling “group therapy for liberals.”

With the actors and writers strike still dragging interminably on in Hollywood, late-night TV comedians have been sidelined and unable to appear on TV in their regular time slots. But not to fear. Jimmy Kimmel is here with a new podcast bringing all the late-night leftists into one podcast.

For the inaugural advertisement for their newly minted “Strike Force Five” podcast, Kimmel was joined by fellow TV wokesters Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver.

In what he called a “MAJOR LIFE UPDATE” (his all caps), Kimmel told fans that he and his five rivals were “joining forces for a new podcast” and promised that “ALL proceeds” would go to help support the out of work TV staffers on the five programs.

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First of all, the conceit of this venture seems suspect from the start. Kimmel is claiming that their little podcast is aimed to help pay the bills of their out-of-work TV studio staffers.

But, come on, now. Each of their five TV shows surely has dozens of staffers who are now without a paycheck thanks to the ongoing strike.

Are we supposed to believe that this podcast could possibly bring in enough cash to make a difference for their out-of-work employees? The claim seems highly doubtful.

Would you listen to this podcast?

After all, these shows have budgets of millions of dollars, not even including their own bloated salaries.

It seems far more likely that this podcast effort is merely a desperate attempt to keep these five TV personalities in front of viewers. It’s all about Kimmel and his cohorts, not their staffers.

Regardless, social media users found their little promo video funny. But not in the way Kimmel and crew had hoped.

Podcaster Stephen Miller joked that it is “Late night group therapy for libs actually becomes group therapy for libs.”

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Another X user called the podcast, “This is the worst idea ever conceived.”

Still another quipped, “Never has a crossover this big seemed less interesting.”

Another begged the studios to “cave so we can end this abomination.”

One X user was hopeful, but skeptical, writing, “Maybe they will actually do some comedy for a change….but I doubt it.”

It seems sure that anyone trying to follow this podcast will find five major egos all talking over each other to insert their woke jokes about whatever they are hoping to talk about each day.

And anyone who has ever been on a bad conference call for work where everyone keeps trying to talk at once but no one is being heard can imagine the mess late-night fans are probably about to witness.

Still, one can’t imagine this podcast will win many fans in the first place. It should be noted that even their ultra-woke shows on TV are crashing in the ratings.

One thing is sure. These guys’ staffers better not be getting their hopes up for a windfall of cash from this debacle.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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